- Wellness Program -

Earn $75 for doing your biometrics and health risk assessment via the Better You, Better Ohio Program.

  • If you have not participated in the past: 

  • Enter the required information, and here is what you should select for:

    • Industry - Public employers

    • Company Size - 151-250 employees

  • If you participated in the past: Go to myactivehealth.com/betteryoubetterohio

    • Use your username & password to log-in.

    • You may be prompted to update your password. If you do not remember your credentials from last year, you can click “forgot my username/password” and reset them. (Make sure that you are using the same browser you typically use in case it remembered your credentials from the past.)

  • Earn $50 for participating in coaching.


Note: The Physician Form option includes an additional $50 reward to help cover copays, etc. (go to the website for full details). If a member chooses the Physician Form option to complete their biometric screening, they will be mailed a Physical $50 gift card to their address on file. These cards are distributed to members monthly. Only those that participate in the Physician Form option are sent the Physical $50 Gift card. This option is tracked independent of the Rewards Center and is in addition to the $75 health assessment/biometric screening reward. In summary, a member completing the health assessment and biometric screening will be able to redeem a $75 gift card of their choice in the Reward Center, AND an additional $50 physical gift card will be sent to their address on file.